Spirit of Africa

Our ancestral Spirit of Africa
Runs through our hearts
Gives us passion, pride, and purpose
Unites us as one family
Across the world
From Kinshasa to Kentucky
From Burkina Faso to Baltimore
Calls us to join hands
And inspires us to give hand
And lift our brothers and sisters
As one family.

In the great spirit of Sankofa
We look back to our roots
To light the path to our destiny
Join us and help make
Men and Families Center
A Beacon of Hope in East Baltimore
A pulsar in stormy oceans
We need your help
Each and every one of you.

-Poem by a Brother

Brother is an African American Veteran, disabled from Afghanistan back in the peak of the battle. His wife left him prior to his return, and he lost everything, including custody of his children, fell into a deep depression, and despite all of it kept going. He’s currently living between shelters and under bridges when the weather is warm. And yet, we admire him deeply for his spirit.  He wrote this poem and asked to remain anonymous if we use it. Just to give credit as a “brother”.

Spirit of Africa

Commemorative Print by Iliad Terra

The limited-edition art is printed as a museum quality giclee print on archival fine art paper, and packaged and shipped in acid free parchments to preserve it.

Portions of the proceeds from the sale of the ‘Spirit of Africa’ print will go directly toward the renovation of the historic Men and Families Center Capital Campaign. Council on Global Relations has prepared this offering and is presenting this fundraising initiative in collaboration with High Impact Consulting. Your purchase is tax-deductible. Shipping and handling is separate at checkout.

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