Men and Families Center



We envision the new Men and Families Center as a bright and light-filled environment that lifts the spirit and creates positive energy for the staff and clients of the Center. Alfa8 will bring in its advanced design thinking and broad network of technologies and innovations to create a remarkable and unique project for MFC and Baltimore.

The scope of our renovations will including repairing the existing facility and bring it to a modern standard, and ensure that it’s code compliant and meets the safety requirement of the occupants.
We will develop the program for the space to meet the new vision for MFC and its community, and provides an expanded portfolio of services and values that address a broad array of needs and diverse demographics.
Ultimately our objective is to create a community landmark that speaks of positive values for building and growing strong communities. We envision achieving this by restoring the existing character of the buildings, which enhancing the street and alley experience of the facility for the community, repairing the sidewalk, introducing green and landscaped elements, and bring public art to the facility to create a sense of place.
Another key element we will incorporate in the scope of the renovation is the use of technology and telemedicine features as part of the design, making the facility a high tech center in the heart of East Baltimore neighborhood, providing the staff, patrons, and clients of MFC with the full benefits of modern technology and connectivity.
For the exterior of the building, we envision pedestrian-friendly walkways, and pervious parking surfaces to provide for outdoor assembly spaces as well much needed additional parking.
On one of the interstitial lots adjacent to the site, we are envisioning developing a performance arts center for the youth of the community, providing space for cultivating and nurturing artistic expression as a social and community health outlet.  
In all, our goal and vision are to create a modern facility infused with technology and advanced resources, as well as outdoor parklike green spaces to provide repose and wellness and heal the overbearing concrete and asphalt nature of the inner city blocks in Baltimore.

We are invested in creating a project that becomes a long term value for Baltimore, and a benchmark and role model for other communities and neighborhoods in the city.

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